Nicole Bonnie Retief is an independent designer based in Vancouver BC.
Born and raised in the cultural melting pot of South Africa, Bonnie’s distinctive design acumen is shaped by multifarious traditions and fusing aesthetics. From a young age Bonnie sought opportunities to create, experiment, and re-invent the invented. Today she applies that same curiosity—paired with a passion for storytelling—to her design practice.
Bonnie is a conscientious, perceptive and technically-minded designer with 20 years of industry experience who enjoys the balance of functional design that communicates a clear message alongside design solutions which make us feel. She believes design can improve understanding, influence beliefs, inspire imagination and transform our way of life.
"Design is a manifestation of who we are and how we communicate. It reflects our culture, shapes our ideals, and influences the choices we make."
Bonnie recharges by spending time ourdoors—doing photo walks, flyfishing, or cooking over a crackling fire.
She is also an avid sourdough baker who gets great joy out of bringing people together to share good food.
“As humans, everything we design, create, publish or build, is done so for people to engage with on some level. It's this moment of engagement—whether active or passive—that truly fascinates me.”

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