Events are elevated when a theme is involved. This event transported you to a 'high altitude mountain lodge' complete with wool blankets, wood-burning fires, s'mores and more.
In 2019 hcma’s holiday party embraced an Après Ski theme. Invites were designed to resemble a ski pass, and event wayfinding and menus that were modelled after trail signage. Attendees were encouraged to dress up, and they did not disappoint!
Creating invitations and event touch-points that support the theme help create an immersive and memorable experience. The process for event branding is not dissimilar to developing a brand identity. It involves choosing colours, textures, materials, graphic styles, imagery, messaging, sounds, and in this case, food and beverage pairings to enhance the overall experience.
ABOVE Custom illustration for the invite made using Procreate
ABOVE The invitation copy was curated to include on-theme puns
Interested in having your company or personal event branded? No matter how large or small, frivolous or serious the party idea is, Warm-Fuzzy-Cool is here to help bring your theme to life.
Also available for graphic design services on film set prop design.
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