The Museum of Surrey was undergoing architectural upgrades and expansions to accommodate one of Canada's fastest growing communities. This new era of the museum motivated the need for a revitalized brand identity. The brand—inspired by Surrey's diverse population, and the Museum's colourful textile collection—manifested into a playful expression including a custom-type wordmark with accompanying monograms, and a simple, yet vibrant colour palette.
Following the finalization of the brand identity, we got the opportunity to embed the brand into the museum and surrounding campus by means of placemaking, wayfinding and signage. For this context, I explored what it meant to express the brand spatially. The round-cornered rectangles encasing the monograms inspired for the shape for standard room signs. Extruding this shape into a three-dimensional form with bull-nosed edges provided a solution for wall-mounted projecting signage and spacial branding.
These softened forms contrasted the angular nature of the architecture, while complimenting the Museum’s fresh, family-focused approach to programming.
Project completed in 2017 while employed at hcma.ca
Identity design
Femi Coppi - Designer
Nicole Bonnie Retief - Creative Lead

Brand guidelines and applications
Nicole Bonnie Retief
Wayfinding design
Nicole Bonnie Retief​​​​​​​
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