Wordmark developed for the park

The City of Victoria together with New Line Skateparks were in the process of developing a new all-wheel park in Victoria BC which required wayfinding, regulation signage, and pavement graphics.
The new park signage needed to act as an extension to the existing citywide wayfinding system (below), sharing materials, colours and type styles, but could utilize unique elements to create a sub-brand of signage specific to all-wheel parks. 

Existing citywide wayfinding system

The concept draws inspiration from the varied contours of the skate and bike park.

The pattern consisting of smooth, curved and angular linework was applied across signage and pavement graphics to express the different riding experiences across the park and create a sense of identity. 
The pavement graphic serves to guide pedestrians though the park, and remind wheelers to be aware of slower-moving foot traffic.​​​​​​​

The welcome sign, inspired by Amilcar de Castro's metal sculptures, expresses the angles and curves of the wheel-park terrain in a three-dimensional form.

Designed while employed by hcma.ca
Park Design
New Line Skateparks

Wayfinding and supergraphics
Nicole Bonnie Retief

Railay Fawkes 

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