TYTO is a small collective of experienced camera technicians who understand and appreciate the pressures of film production schedules. TYTO's primary goal is to streamline camera configurations, alleviate the need for additional equipment such as track or flooring, thus saving time and money without sacrificing cinematic quality.

TYTO approached me with a request to improve existing marketing materials. Conversations around needs and aspirations led to a rebrand—which would enable logos, colours, text and graphics to share a consistent visual aesthetic—positioning their business boldly in this energetic and talent-rich industry.

The company name and identity was inspired by the Tyto owls' ability to fully stabilize its head whilst on the move, with a neck rotation of almost 360º. Like the Tyto owl the ARRI Stabilized Remote Head offers flexibility full 360º pan and 110º tilt for dynamic environments.

To demonstrate the benefits of TYTO's camera system, I developed a set of illustrations showing gear components and camera configurations for various production needs. By using illustrations I was able to introduce visual consistency of product and brand, while avoiding the use of dimly-lit and cluttered rental house photography.

With camera technicians working across various productions it made sense to extend the brand onto graphic t-shirts—'walking billboards on set'. Shirts are currently in production. Mockup below right courtesy of Sedulur Papat via Unsplash.

ABOVE Thank you cards inspired by retro film posters provide a fun way for the technicians to acknowledge their appreciation for being hired on a production. 
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